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It's OK to feel anxious with everything that is going on around us. If  you are feeling disheartened, stuck, stressed, anxious, worried or fearful; take a moment for yourself & acknowledge that you’re doing your best & that you have landed at the right place for you now. Remember you are not alone; help is at hand.  Today is a great time to start, be bold, take action!

My services aim to help you find what will work for you and your situation & to discover what you need in order to change and grow. We can work together to assist you so you can make choices about who and what's important for you and your life worth living.

I use proven techniques and supports that enable you to identify and reconnect to your strengths, the who & what’s important to you so you can engage more fully in your life and living now and into the future.

I’m a degree qualified counsellor, listed on the The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) National Register.

I’ve been successfully counselling individuals and small groups for some time. My speciality is working with you to tailor proven methods to your particular circumstances, ensuring my counselling offering is effective and focused on your needs. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a particularly useful method which is well supported in the research. ACT can be effective for clients seeking assistance with the effects of anxiety, depression or the stresses associated with our fast paced and demanding world.

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“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour.”

Walt Whitman


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