Our ongoing response to covid-19 crisis to help you manage your mental health & wellness.

Lifebelt Image by nickgesell from Pixabay

Telehealth counselling sessions; a viable alternative to in-person sessions as we face the challenges of covid-19.

During a telehealth session we use this time together to learn about how to maintain a connection to and manage your mental health and wellbeing during times of uncertainty. We learn about our own feelings and our resources and how to use them to help maintain our wellbeing for ourselves and those who are important to us. We do this with the help of technology, via skype, facetime or zoom. What we are experiencing now with the covid-19 crisis, is an anxious time of not knowing what is going to change from one day to the next. It is OK to feel anxious with all that is going on. However, research into earlier crisis situations around the world reveals that recovery from illness (like the flu) improved for those people who were aware of their own physical and psychological requirements and had resources available for them to utilise. Likewise, remaining connected in some way to their community, hobbies and interests was important to bolster mental wellbeing and instil a sense of companionship and hope for the future. Understand that you may be affected by the current crisis in a number of subtle and not so subtle ways. The pressure of the news cycle, work pressures, financial worries, relationship and family pressures and day to day stress & worry can all take a toll on our wellbeing. You may notice your mood, loss of desire or appetite, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, or waking up feeling like you have not rested. These are all indicators of an accumulation of stress. It is important to take steps and learn to manage this for yourself in whatever way works for you. Learning about mindfulness practice, connecting mindfully with your breathing (10 breaths tool), reconnecting with the present moment using your five senses (5 things I can do with my 5 senses tool), or even taking a few minutes to go outside in an open space to feel the sun, see the sky and notice the breeze, can all help you reconnect to your own self and help you feel better between sessions. All registered Counsellors are working with their professional associations as part of the Allied Health Professionals response to the current crisis and our clients needs using professional judgement to assess risk and deliver appropriate responses during times of uncertainty. At Bright Vista Counselling we are using the latest relevant guidance, values and principles set out in professional standards and the codes of conduct for the profession. We continue to deliver a timely and appropriate range of services to our current and future clients.