Covid-19 Counselling in Cars; Window to Window.

We all find ourselves in interesting times with our lives changing very fast. It is in these time of change when we sometimes have to think out of the box. At Bright Vista Counselling we have been adapting our counselling offer to meet the needs of our clients as we all are forced to adapt to the ever changing requirements of the covid-19 crisis.

Parked cars at a safe distance. Image by FranckinJapan from Pixabay.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has stated:

"In light of some states shutting down ‘non-essential services’, the Minister has confirmed that ALL allied health businesses nationally (which includes counsellors) can continue working and are encouraged to do so."

At Bright Vista Counselling our ongoing response to covid-19 crisis is to help you with ways to manage your mental health & wellness safely. We continue to offer our services, face-to-face at our Altona Practice and online sessions via Skype, but with mounting pressure from the government to restrict our movements we are getting extra creative.

We are offering Counsellors in Cars - Window to Window; at a car park within five kilometres of your home.

It's very simple really, your mental heath wellbeing and safety remains our top priority during the covid-19 restrictions. Staying in your home may be a safe strategy to slow the spread of covid-19, however you still need to balance this with your need to manage your mental health & wellbeing. Getting out of the house, breaking your routine, having a fresh perspective and being in conversation with a professional counsellor will help improve and maintain your outlook during the covid-19 crisis.

A simple and effective way to manage your mental health and remain safe in close proximity to your home during stage four restrictions is to engage in Counselling in Cars; Window to Window at a safe distance!

If this sounds interesting to you, ring me for a free 15 minute consultation where we can discuss your needs and see if Counsellors in Cars; Window to Window at a Safe Distance would be suitable for you.

For more information call 0431 212 099, or visits my website.