covid-19 Restrictions are Easing, How is That Feeling For You?

Updated: May 23, 2020

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How’s your outlook today in response to the easing of the covid-19 restrictions?

Are you feeling relieved or more worried? Social distancing and covid-19 restrictions have been part of our day to day for a couple of months now. We have been asked to make a lot of changes in a very short amount of time to help flatten the curve, we have had some success. So, why am I feeling so ho hum?

We have been social distancing and restricting our activities for a couple of months now as part of this worldwide social experiment. The costs to individuals has been high and for some maybe even higher when we take into account the creeping deterioration of our mental health and well-being. This aspect of the covid-19 response has been to my mind largely under-reported. We are yet to take stock of the cost to our individual and collective wellbeing of social distancing and the various restrictions to our everyday lives. Now may be the time to take notice of the many small stresses and mental strains that we have accumulated and reassess how you are managing.

Do you know the signs that you are not coping as well as you were a few week’s back? How are your emotions? Do you notice how you are feeling throughout your day and what your mood is like? Do you find yourself easily distracted currently? Is it difficult to pay close attention to what is important to you for long periods of time? Do you notice your emotions without reacting to them? When difficult situations arise can you pause, asses what is going on without immediately reacting and getting caught up? Are you feeling more agitated than usual? Do you allow time and space to relax and let go of stress as part of your daily routine?

Do you identify with these questions? If you do it’s not surprising given all that is going on. However, the challenge is to feel like we can bounce back from the stress of what is happening as part of the covid-19 changes and not feel too overwhelmed. Feeling like we have choices that are in our power to make, resources available to us to utilise, and people we can still connect with somehow in spite of the changes that we are experiencing.

Our ability to creatively come up with small steps we can take to look after ourselves and reconnect may feel beyond us presently. If that’s you remember you are not alone, and help is available should you need it.

If even this feels like it’s becoming too much maybe it is time to reach out and speak to a professional counsellor.

Fortunately, there are some very good phone services that are available 24 hours per day;

Lifeline 13 11 14

Mensline 1300 78 99 78

Kidshelpline 1800 55 1800

Or you can call me at Bright Vista Counselling on 0431 212 099 to make an appointment for a counselling session that suites your needs.

Or for information about me and my counselling practice visit my website for more details and available session times please at

Easing of covid-19 restrictions in Melbourne presents us with an opportunity to reassess what’s important to us and make some small adjustments to what we are doing day to day (while continuing to be safe & sensible), and how we are taking care of ourselves and those who are close to us.

This could be just the pressure relief valve we need to allow us some room to; be self-aware, be supportive, be observant & be kind to ourselves and those around us.