Living Well This Silly Season.

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

What are your Christmas expectations doing for you this December?

5 Tips to Boost Your Engagement at Christmas Time.

Christmas Driving You Nuts?

1. Keep hold of your finances –it’s easy to blow your budget at Christmas. Expensive presents will soon be forgotten but spending time with those you care about will not. Remember it’s not the presents but the presence that will be remembered.

2. Remember it's a holiday – you don’t have to spend all your time rushing about, set some time for yourself to do very little. Keeping it simple like sitting outside in the garden and just noticing what happens in the quiet. What about reading a book under a tree at your local park.

3. Set up a support system – someone you can talk to if you feel overwhelmed and find the day difficult.

4. Keep it simple – especially Christmas Day, less preparation and cooking means more time for you to relax and enjoy the day.

5. Stick to your usual routine – even though it’s Christmas, sticking to your structure may help you manage the pressures of the day. Too many late nights maybe catching up to you, try and find a few quiet moments for yourself.

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Silly season causing you to sigh?

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