Jalan-jalan Therapy

Jalan-Jalan in standard dialect (bahasa baku) in Indonesian means to take a stroll.

I first learnt it's meaning on my travels to Bali many years ago. Back then I had a habit of getting up around sunrise to go for a run and after I finished my running I would wonder around the streets of Kuta Beach enjoying the slowness of the early morning.

As I wondered around just noticing what the people were up to in their early hours before they got into the busy selling part of their day I heard the drivers and the scooter hawkers call out "what's your program" (what are you up to today) and I learnt that going for a walk to see what was going on translated to jalan-jalan. Just walking around, ambling, taking a stroll slowly with nothing particular in mind, just noticing.

So lately as I was daydreaming about how to keep my counselling business open and accessible during covid-19 stage four lock-down I thought, jalan-jalan or more formally walking therapy.

Walking therapy is about going for a walk with a guide (in this case a counsellor) to see what comes up as you tune into the process of walking and talking about whatever is on your mind. With the counsellor attending to the therapeutic process, time keeping and distance while you provide the content and set the pace.

So if jalan-jalan therapy sounds like just what you need in order to maintain your mental health and wellness during the covid-19 crisis call me on 0431212099 or visit my website www.brightvistacounselling.com.au to make a booking.

So while we wait in covid-19 lock-down remember to take care of yourself and I wish you damai cinta dan kebahagiaan (peace love and happiness).